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How to set Accrual or Cash Accounting Method in QuickBooks Online?

Could Accounting Software QBO (QuickBooks Online) has provided the two sets of Accounting Methods to meet the clients accounting transactions. If a business follows Cash Accounting Method they can choose the Cash others can go with Accrual Accounting Method. Using the Company Settings we can set the Accounting Method.

How to set Accrual or Cash Accounting Method in QuickBooks Online?
Cash or Accrual Accounting Method in QuickBooks Online

Accrual Accounting Method is suitable for those who record the transaction whenever a bill is raised. And Cash Accounting Method is suitable for those who record the transaction only when money or moneys worth received.

In order to add the Accounting Method in QuickBooks Online Accounting Software we have to login to Company to your company through Secured Login screen.

  1. From the Company User Interface just click on Tools and Settings Button.
  2. In the drop down menu click on Company Setting menu under Settings.
  3. And click on the Edit button in the Accounting Method row.
  4. Click on Accrual (or Cash) option and you will see the drowdown list which contains Cash and Accrual select the option which suites for your business.

And click on Save button and after that Click on Done button at bottom right corner to save the changes to your company. Now the Accounting Method will be used in the Books of Accounts in the QuickBooks Online. And this is how to set Accounting Method in QuickBooks Online Accounting Software.

How to choose a Template design for your Blog in Google Blogger?

Without proper appearance of a Blog, it will not gain a visitors attention hence we need to elevate the appearance of a Blog using the Templates available in the Google Blogger Template Tab. Here we can find out the various template types like Simple, Dynamic View, Picture Window, Watermark etc., and we can choose a best suitable template design for our Blog among them.

How to choose a Template design for your Blog in Google Blogger?
Template Page in Google Blogger

After we have Configured the Settings for our Blog we have to dress it up with a suitable template to present the blog in an attractive way.

A Template is nothing but a predefined structure for presenting a Blog.

When we configure a template the Google Blogger will automatically assigns the Background Color, Font Settings, etc., for the entire blog.

Here in Google Blogger, we have the Template Tab for this job. When you click on the Template tab in your left side you will be seen the Templates page. The Template page will be having the three different sets which are discussed below in detail.

Live on Blog

The Live on Blog set will display the present appearance of your Blog and it allows the user to customize the design and appearance of your Blog using the Customize button. If you are expert in Web Technologies like HTML and CSS you can further customize your Blog appearance by changing the Source Code of your blog by clicking on Edit HTML button.


The Mobile set will allows a blog either to be shown in Mobile View or not in the Mobile Devices such as Smart Phones, Tablets etc., In order to set this feature just click Gear button. When you click the gear button and you will see the Choose Mobile Template popup menu and here you can choose your own Mobile Template for your blog.

Blog Templates

And last set in the Template page is the bunch of Templates categorized based on the Template nature, design, and appearance. Here you will be having the various template categories like

  • Simple
  • Dynamic Views
  • Picture Window
  • Ethereal
  • Travel

Each and every category will be having a couple of Templates. By clicking on the Template Thumbnail you can see how does you Blog looks like if the template is applied. So, you can see your blog design before you apply it. If you want to apply the template you click on Apply to Blog button and if you want customize it further you can click on Customize button.

There is one more extra option is available Revert to Class Template hyperlink. If you want to revert back to the old version of Blogger Template you can click on Revert to Class Template. And this is all about the Template Tab available in Google Blogger.

How to record Loan EMI & Loan Interest in Tally.ERP 9?

In Tally.ERP 9 Accounting Software we can record the EMI (Equated Monthly Installments) and Interest of a Loan transactions. After a Loan like Personal Loan, or Housing Loan is taken from the Financial Institutions like Banks or Credit Societies we have to pay the EMI (Equated Monthly Installments) for every month until the Loan Term is closed, which contains the Interest and Principal amounts .

How to record Loan EMI & Loan Interest in Tally.ERP 9?
Loan EMI & Interest on Loan Entries in Tally.ERP 9

As we pay the Loan EMI we can record that in Tally.ERP 9 Accounting Software but in order to know the Interest on Loan we must obtain the Loan Statement from the Credit providers in which we can find out the Loan Interest and Principle amount separately.

In order to record the EMI Payment for the Loan use the Payment Voucher Type

And to record the Interest on Loan we can use the Journal Voucher Type

  • Debit the Indirect Expense ledger i.e., Interest on Loan A/c.
  • Credit the Loan Account.
  • Enter the amounts and save the screen.

And this is how to record the Loan EMI repayment and Interest on Loan transactions after the Loan Reimbursement transaction recorded in Tally.ERP 9.

Can we cancel Demand Draft from any Branch other than Issued Branch?

The person who drawn the Demand Draft (DD) or the purchaser of the DD will be having the authority to cancel the DD at any time after it was issued by the Banker. And there are certain rules formulated by the Bankers on their own and even must abide by the Guidelines of the Reserve Bank.

Can we cancel Demand Draft from any Branch other than Issued Branch?
DD Cancellation at any Branch

A Demand Draft can only be cancelled by the Purchaser of the DD and no other one will be having the right to cancel and get the refund. The purchaser of the DD must write a request letter to the Banker in which he had drawn the DD. And here the Bank Branch will be called as DD Issued Branch.

The DD Issued Branch will be having the right and authority to cancel the DD and refund the same amount by deducting the DD Cancellation charges to the purchaser of the DD. And the DD can not be cancelled by the Other Branches of the Bank.

For instance, Mr. James has drawn a Demand Draft at Kurnool Bazaar Branch at Kurnool in State Bank of India. In order to cancel the DD Mr. James has to reach to the Kurnool Bazaar Branch at Kurnool only. And he can not cancel it either from Main Branch of the State Bank of India at Kurnool or some other Branch.

When the purchaser of the Demand Draft reaches a branch with the request letter he has to put his Signature in the DD Cancellation Request Letter as he was signed in the DD Application Form. So, the Bank Officer will verify the Signature with the signature on the DD Application Form.

The DD Application Form will only be available at the Issued Branch. Therefore in order to verify the purchaser must reach to the DD Issued Branch only. And this is the reason why the Demand Draft can not be cancelled from the other than the DD issued Branch.

What is a Computer – A basic understanding of Computer

Most of us know the computer and what it does for human. Obviously it reduces the work by simplifying the tasks. It reduces the manpower, process time, and increases the accuracy. There are different types of computers are available right now.

In facts a Computer is an Electronic Device which

  1. Takes the Information or Data from the user through the Input Device.
  2. After it has received the data, the data will be manipulated based on the instructions given by the user.
  3. And finally it produces the result to the end user through the Output Device.

And the computer having the ability to store information for future use and the user can store the output information in the form of Files and he can organize the bunch of files in a proper manner using the Folders in the Storage Device.