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This is K Venkkatesh, founder of AccountsGuy.Net. I have been providing accounting services to my clients using Tally ERP 9 Accounting Package, since 2011. And i would love to learn new things like getting done some general computer, and accounts related problems which I get from my daily work; using Web.

I have completed my graduation in B.Com from Srikrishna Devaraya University, Andhra Pradesh state in India and about my further qualification you can watch my profile in my Google+ Profile Page. I started my career as an Accountant using Tally 7.2 and after 4 years of experience I found that there is lack of accounting services in the business industry, with the intention of providing efficient, accurate, and low cost accounting services to the business industry i started Accounting, Taxation, Tally, Inventory Management Services in the name of AccountsGuy.Net. Besides that i stared writing unprecedented, and astonished topics on Accounting, Taxation, Tally, and Information Technology that assist Business as well as general people, Students, Teachers, Accountants, Chartered Accounts.

I have started this website with the intention of sharing the experience, knowledge, wisdom with others who are in search of it around the world. I have been using internet since my 12th (Intermediate) Standard. Internet made the universe into a small village by the E-Mail technology; tightened each other very close with the help of Social Networking sites like Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. You could get almost anything you want from the web using Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

AccountsGuy.Net started with the mission of providing a professional class education and services. It is pioneer in outsourcing Accounting Services with international standards and techniques. The goal of AccountsGuy.Net is to provide best services to its clients in Accounting, Taxation, Finance, Tally Software, Computer Accounting, Reporting and Business problems. It helps you in taking maximum advantage of accounting, finance and educational techniques.

AccountsGuy.Net is your final destination for FREE solutions in Accounting and Tally ERP Problems where you can get tutorials, tips on Accounting, Tally even videos also.

Our website is read by Accounting Professionals like Chartered Accountants, Commerce Lecturers, Journalists, Entrepreneurs, Business Persons, and Students.

This is a perfect platform for commerce students by guiding them new way of e-Accounting, online accounting and use of technology in accounting. If you think we are on to something, or AccountsGuy.Net has helped you personally spread a word about this website to the people who are in search of our service.

AccountsGuy.Net's motto is -

Provide Professional Standardized Services to the Students, Professionals, Business Persons, Organizations and Companies at low or free of cost.
I have my account in the following social networks like Google+, Facebook, Twitter. Hence you can get in touch with our updates or even subscribe for latest news letter from my website.

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K Venkkatesh founder of AccountsGuy.Net