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Copyright Policy

Here all electronic material that I published in my website is copyrighted. I request you to read the points carefully if you are inspired and wish to take some excerpts from my content to put in your website or for any purpose.

Usage Regulations

It is our sincere notice to you to share or distribute any content such as text in the blog post or article from my website must satisfy the following ruling.

Link Usage Limits

We appreciate if you put a hyperlink to our website on a condition that you are not authorized to put to any hyperlinks in your website or blog that redirected to our Home page instead put a link to any article or a blog post.

Content Usage Limits

While you are willing to republish the content of my website you are restricted to only 150 words of any article. And at the end of your publishing you must put the hyperlink of the concerning article or blog post.

Non-Commercial Usage Only

Any part or entire content of the articles or blog posts of my website are not allowed to use for commercial purpose unless my authorization permission from this website. Content on this website is not to be packed in any Soft-copy (i.e. text, image, video file formats) or Hard-copy (Printing on broacher, leaf-lets, banners, papers, books etc.,)
It is not mandatory to get permission to distribute the content based on the conditions cited above and if you wish to distribute the entire article, please Contact Us for authorization permission.

What the gift that you get if you cross the above limits

We e-mail you twice to stick on the guidelines. If you un-heed our reminding, we are reserved to take any one or all of the below actions after I have acquired the proof the copyright violation.
  1. I will contact the Web Hosting Company of your website to make your site get suspended.
  2. I will report the advertising companies like Google Adsense, Bidvertiser or any other whichever you are using for the source of income. They will banish your registration from their list and you shall lose your source of income.
  3. Reports to all the Search Engines like Google, Bingo, Yahoo that your website is Spam, which leads to the search engine negative ranking.
  4. Finally, I will let the Social Networks like Facebook, and Forum sites know that you are a Content Thief. You will lose your website will get bad reputation.
While I understand & support the copyright rules of the web content and do expect the same and hope you respect the copyright guidelines.
Have a genuine content provider and be safe.