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Privacy Policy

This is Venkkatesh founder of AccountsGuy.Net, here i ensure you regarding your privacy such as your name, email id that it would not reach the third party unless your prior consent. If it is needed to forward your details to third part for your benefits like jobs we would contact you.

We have put some stuff around the content for getting your subscription towards our site. So that we can bring to your attention when ever new articles, promotions, or events come in force as per your interest. We do not share your personal or any relevant information such as your name, email id, address, contact no etc., without your prior consent.

And apart that we put some advertising content in our website, where it will not affect your computer or net accessing resources and will not hack any kind of sensitive data from your personal computer. The side of advertising content contains only minute size of cookies to store your preferences while your participation in our sponsors' website in your computer. The privacy of our visitors is important to us.

Thanks for understanding,

Venakateswarlu Kake,

Founder of AccountsGuy.Net